Avoid COVID-19, Maintain Cleanliness and Strengthen Your Immunity!
16 July 2020

Since the last 6 months, the world has been hit by global pandemic caused by corona virus that can easily transmitted between humans. We all know that coronavirus is primarily transmitted between people through respiratory droplets and contact routes. For that, many precautions that have been done and have changed the way we live everyday. Starting from keeping social distance, using protective personal equipment, clean your hands regularly, and bring your own cutleries. However, although the news and the reports about corona virus are quite stressful, it’s important to stay calm and stay alert! Here are some COVID-19 precautions that you can do:

1. Eat healthy foods

Eating healthy foods and vitamins is one way to maintain your immune system. With a good level of immunity, the lower your risk of catching corona virus. Therefore, upgrade your nutrients intake by eating more fruits and vegetables

2. Ensure food safety

Besides the importance of ensuring good nutrition intake, it's also important for Mama to make sure all foods are clean before consumption.

Generally, fruits and vegetables use pesticides to avoid pests during the planting process. Therefore, Mama must ensure that there are no residual pesticides attached to the surface of fruits and vegetables. Simply dissolve a few drops of MAMA Lime into a basin of water, then wash the fruits and vegetables. Lastly, rinse it under clean running water.

3. Keep tableware clean

Pay attention to the cleanliness of your tableware before using it. Corona virus can stay up to 8 hours on aluminum objects and up to 4-5 days on wooden, glass, and plastic objects. To prevent coronavirus transmissions, make sure all cutleries are kept clean by using MAMA Lime Anti Bacteria. With BIOGUARD formula, MAMA Lime effectively removes germs and pesticides from fruits and vegetables up to 99.9%.

4. Avoid touching your face and wash hands properly

Hands have a crucial role in the transmission of COVID-19. Our daily activities certainly make us have a lot of contact with many objects and corona virus might stay on our hands. Avoid touching your face, rubbing your eyes, scratching your nose and biting your nails. These simple acts can minimize the transmission of corona virus. Just make sure to wash hands properly with soap before touching your face. Also, don’t forget to always wash your hands before and after eating.

We hope some of these corona virus prevention tips can be useful and help you to remain calm in the face of this pandemic. The keys are to keep good personal hygiene, strengthen your immune system by eating healthy nutritious food, and don’t panic but stay alert! Keep it clean with MAMA Lime and stay healthy as a family!