Feeling Insecure? Come on, Try these 5 Self-Healing Methods to be More Confident
04 November 2021

We often feel insecure about many things, that feeling can arise due to environmental influences, comparing ourselves with others, being fearful of being judged, and other causes. Those kinds of things can make you lose confidence, and even develop the feeling of not being worthy enough.

To get rid of all negative energy, you can really consider self-healing. This way can help you heal yourself from burdensome emotional problems, including lack of confidence. Try these 5 self-healing methods below, and guarantee your self-confidence will increase drastically. So, let’s check this out!

1. Self-care

When you lose self-confidence, try to care more about yourself. Learn to appreciate yourself and spare time to do activities that you like. For example by doing self-care; self-care is an activity that we do for ourselves for the sake of physical and mental well-being.  A simple example of self-care that you can do at home is eating your favorite food while chill-watching Korean drama on tv. It's fun right!

2. Fix your lifestyle

To bring back positive energy for you to look confident, you can try this method. Yup, fix your lifestyle. For example, from having a bad habit of being lazy in the morning, you can start to get used to jogging around the housing complex. Don't be afraid of armpit sweat when jogging. POSH has already have a solution! POSH deodorant that can keep your underarms dry and smell good all day long!

3. Self-acceptance 

As ordinary people, we have good and bad sides. These two sides are natural. Before showing your self-confidence in front of others, you can start with the self-acceptance method. So, from now on try to learn about yourself and accept your weaknesses and strengths. With you who have made peace with yourself, your self-confidence will increase over time.

4. Mindfulness

This method is a type of meditation that can train you to focus on your surroundings and the emotions you feel and accept them openly. This activity is not the same as daydreaming, because when meditating you are fully conscious of managing your thoughts and feelings. When daydreaming, you drain your mind and energy. Daydreaming is definitely not a good thing, guys. You can do this type of meditation whenever and wherever, can be at home, at the office or when you join in meditation class.

5. Build a positive mindset

The last method that you can try is to form a positive mindset in yourself. Every time you hesitate to do something, keep in mind that you can and believe in yourself.  Get rid of all negative thoughts and convince yourself that you can! 

Those are all the 5 self-healing methods that you can try at home which can bring back your enthusiasm and of course, that will make you very confident! To boost your self-confidence, you can try Posh Roll On Girl Whitening with  10 extracts of natural ingredients to brighten your skin in just 7 days! Get enthusiasm to live in the day and be confident to express with POSH. Let’s make your move. It’s now or never!