Children's Game - 7 Educational Children's Game Ideas that Help Your Little Kid’s Growth
20 June 2022

Games are not only fun activities for your little Kid but also a good alternative to help those who have problems learning with pencil and paper instructions. According to Educause's research, now there are many game-based learning platforms that can create interesting dynamics and inspire your little Kid to develop competencies and skills when they focus on game activities. With the right children's games, you can also instill their love of learning.

Educational games can be very entertaining and at the same time educate your little Kid. Moreover, these kinds of games require minimal preparation, are easy to clean, and some only need things that are easy to find around the house. Then what are the educational games for children?

Instilling Creativity Through Drawing

Try to encourage your little Kid to draw a scene to explain what they are thinking. To pour thoughts into a picture as an educational game, your little Kid definitely needs critical thinking skills and that is not an easy task. For older children, play games like Pictionary or a guessing game played in pairs, where your little Kid will be asked to guess what their playmate is describing

Providing Sorting Games

Classification and sorting skills are very good for your little Kid to develop logical thinking.  Try asking your little Kid to sort a list of the same animal or object using different attributes like size, color, geometry, shape, and more. Categorize animals based on their habitat, eating habits, body structure, reproductive mechanism, and so on.

This sorting activity helps children know the differences and similarities in various groups, thus help them to understand the meaning of differences and similarities, as well as being a tool for educational children's games.

Solving Puzzle & Brain Teaser Together

You can also invite your little Kid to play jigsaw, tic-tac-toe, puzzles, mazes, or whatever they like. Playing puzzles and brain teasers together can help your little Kid learn from their parents and formulate their own strategy.   Doing this activity alone can frustrate your little Kid, so you can accompany them to make it more fun and full of enthusiasm.

Being Creative with Building Blocks

Building blocks is an educational children's game and great for developing logical skills. This game can help improve your little Kid's imagination. Every time you encourage your little Kid to reuse old blocks into a new game, the neurons in his/her brain can make him/her think creatively.

Letting Him/Her Hyphothesize

When you are reading a story to your little Kid, try to stop halfway and ask him/her what she/he think will happen and how the story will end.

An open-ended question like this will force your little Kid to think logically and creatively. Try to give him/her time to think and give detailed answers. You can also use a real-life situation to ask Him/Her open-ended questions such as when you are in a traffic jam, ask Him/Her to think of a solution that can help reduce traffic jams.

Guessing Animals

Guessing games are very good at developing reasoning skills. For example, our favorite is 'Guess Who's Animal'. As an educational children's game, you just need to provide clues that explain the animal and let your child guess.


Riddle is a great way to activate neurons and get your child to think logically and critically. And the best part is even though riddle is an educational children's game, that game is a lot of fun. Your little Kid won't even know that you are secretly training their critical thinking skills.

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