Find Out More Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Face
24 May 2022

Girls, you are already familiar with this plant, right? Yup, aloe vera or commonly known as aloe vera has many benefits for the face. Aloe vera is often used for facial treatments such as masks, lotions, and cleansers. Let's try to find out more about the benefits of this plant! Let's see the explanations below, girls!

1. It May Moisturize the face

Aloe vera is a plant that has a soft texture and a lot of water content. The texture and water content in it, have benefits such as hydrating the skin and treating dry skin without giving after effects. Also, the gel contained in aloe vera also provides and maintains facial skin cells on the surface, girls!

2. It May Help get rid of acnes

Aloe vera contains the hormone gibberellins and polysaccharides which are useful as antibacterials that can kill bacteria due to acne. The antioxidant content in aloe vera can also have an effect that can help reduce pain and irritation caused by acnes.

3. It May Help Smooth out the surface of the skin

In addition to the antioxidant content, it turns out that aloe vera can also smooth out your facial skin, girls! This plant can remove any dead skin cells so that new skin cells appear with a healthier appearance and the skin looks whiter and makes the skin brighter!

4. It May Help Inhibit premature aging

Quoted from Alodokter, aloe vera also contains enzymes that can prevent premature aging of the skin. Fibroblasts or synthetic products found in aloe vera gel help remove wrinkles on the skin, and contain collagen which can tighten the skin on the face.

Those are some benefits contained in aloe vera for the face, some of these benefits you can get in the POISE Anti Bacterial facial foam, girls. POISE Anti Bacterial contains Anti Bac Active and is complemented with Aloe Vera Extract in it.

Besides, POISE Anti Bacterial also helps overcome skin irritation problems, fights bacteria that cause blackheads, and may clean more intensively down to the pores. This facial foam also has hydro foam or soft foam that can clean your face to make it cleaner, fresher, and most importantly not dry after using it!