Make Your Binge Watching Time Even More Fun! Check Out These Tips!
29 September 2022

Post Covid-19 pandemic, lots of people feel accustomed to do their activities at home. Such as working and seeking entertainment through films. So, do any of you who loves to stream movies at home?

Surely everyone does. Watching movies at home can be considered as the cheapest stress coping alternative. You just have to sit or lay down while opening your smartphone or laptop and you can already get the access to all the movies through streaming services.

But the same old setting and vibe in your house starts to bore you? Well, to save you from boredom, take a look at the tips below!

1. Prepare the Snacks

Going through a movie marathon would not be complete without good snacks on your side. It is different compared to watching movies in the theater, being in your own home allows you to make your own snacks which saves your money.

Snacks could also be something of a diversion for your mind in case you find the movie bits boring. So, don’t forget to bring your snack to your movie marathon!

2. Prepare Theatre Equipment

To make your movie watching experience even more fun, you can turn all the lights off so you can feel the true theater experience. Now this one is a big must. Don't forget to add some equipments such as projector and a pair of speakers.

Choose a bluetooth speaker with good quality to get the best clear sound effects of the film. It does not have to be expensive, you can find different kinds of speaker and portable projector that are relatively cheap and easy to get.

3. Use Your Go-to Comfort Sit

Don’t get it wrong, your seating position can support your comfort and focus on watching the movies. If you aren’t comfortable, you will feel sore in a certain area of your body that disturbs your movie marathon experience.

Otherwise, use a wide screen television with super comfy sofa. And then, you can add a coffee table to place your food and drinks so that it does not get messy.

4. Pillow and Blanket

Watching movies can be perfect with the addition of a nice set of comfortable pillow and warm blanket. So, prepare more than one pillow, one to rest your head and the other to hold onto. Therefore, your body can be more relaxed while watching the movies at home.

5. Prepare Your Favorite Live Streaming Service

Last and foremost is to prepare the streaming service access that provide various of worth-to-watch movies.

But don’t forget you have to make sure you have a stable internet connection! So that your movie marathon experience is not ruined with choppy connection.

Now Bros those are the tips to make watching movies at home to be more fun and comfy. Other than preparing snacks and streaming services, don't forget to keep your body fresh with POSH MEN Roll On that can preserve your body freshness even for 48 hours. So, watching movies gets even more comfortable.