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Everyday is full of wonderful moments. We are inspired by the wonder of everyday life to create healthier communities


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Our Vision

Upgrading society lifestyle in Indonesia through daily personal care products.

International quality products that are affordable for all levels of society.

´╗┐Our Mission

Lion Wings is dedicated to produce products with international quality standards that are affordable and accessible for all societies

Building strong Brands through innovation, good quality, consistency, and competitive edge.

Lion Wings is committed to prioritizing customers by providing more value to customers through high quality product innovation.

Lion Wings qualitative growth through network improvement and new challenges.

Lion Wings enhances integrated communication on various lines of media such as TV advertising, radio, print media, digital marketing, and events.

Enhance learning competencies of the company through a strong Human Resources

Lion Wings is committed to put special attention in every aspect of human resource, by doing people development and organization development. We will always encourage all individuals to develop themselves together with the company.

Develop new business values that contribute to people's health, lifestyle and sustainable society.

Consumer trust for Lion Wings products is reflected by products acceptance in most market across the globe because of product quality and competitive price.

Message from Management

As a sinergy from two conglomerates, LION CORPORATION from Japan and WINGS GROUP from Indonesia

LION WINGS combines the experience of developing quality products for more than 200 years, supported by a very modern research center, the application of leading-edge technology and state-of-the-art product facilities, LION WINGS is always ready to improve the lifestyle of people in Indonesia, through products of daily necessities.

LION WINGS is dedicated to running its business to produce international quality products that are affordable to all levels of society.

All products of Lion Wings have international standards, our production facilities have been certified with HALAL, GMP, ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.

We are ready to meet all the needs of our partners, distributors and customers, and thank you for the support and trust that has been given to our products, and through our partnership, our joint efforts will continue to develop very well.

Thank you and warm regards,

F. Henry Katuari
President Director

Our Commitment


We always strive to innovate, to create products that improve our daily lives and having a good impact on environment


Lionwings manufactures with all the latest technologies with strict quality standards, to ensure the best is given to our customers

Brand Development

We strive to keep our brands close to community, to connect and engage with all consumers worldwide

Our Brands

We are committed to produce international quality products affordable for all Indonesian Customer

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