3 Simple Exercises That Can Make Your Skin Fresh & Luminous
15 September 2021

Have you ever thought that doing exercises can make your skin look radiant? Yup! In addition to skincare and facial care products, exercise is also an important factor that can make a clear, glowing face. Dermatologists explain, the increased heart rate during exercise will pump more blood in the vessels throughout the body. This smooth blood flow increases the circulation of oxygen and nutrients in the body, including the skin. That's the reason why after exercise the skin looks very bright.

Then, what kind of exercises can make your skin more fresh and Luminous?

1. Yoga

Yoga is a simple exercise option that you can do at home. Regular yoga can balance the hormones in the body, and maintain bone strength to perfectly support the body's weight.

2. Jogging

The next simple exercise that you can choose is jogging. Jogging or running can not only be done in public places or outdoors. You can also do jogging at home by running in place or using a treadmill.

3. Swimming

Who would have thought that when you do swimming, blood circulation will be smoother in your body. As a result indirectly smooth blood circulation can nourish skin cells. In addition, swimming can also increase the body's metabolism, so it can remove toxins in the body naturally.

So girls, do you wanna try those simple exercise above to make your skin more fresh and luminous? In addition don’t forget to use POISE Luminous White Day Cream with UV Protector Advanced Brightening (UVA & UVB) and SPF 19 PA++ to help protect your skin from excessive sunlight!