3 Unique Ways To Style Your Hair Without Styling Tools
30 November 2020

Some of you must have a habit or routine to style your hair with styling tools, such as straightener and hair dryer. Although it may give you the type of hair that you want quickly, it will damage your hair faster than you think. Also, using hair-styling tools almost everyday will add extra costs to your electricity bill.

Well, now is the time for you to reduce the use of hair-styling tools and explore healthier and more natural hair styling methods. Here are some tips from Serasoft:

Loose Braid Hair Waves

For those of you who want wavy hair, try this method! First, after you wash your hair with Serasoft Serum Shampoo, wait until your hair is half -dry naturally. After that, part your hair in four sections and braid each section, then leave it for 30 minutes. Next, slowly untie your braids and voilá, you have wavy hair without your styling iron.

Headband Curls

First, for this method, you need to prepare a headband and a mirror. After that, wear the headband around your head and start tucking and pulling your hair back through the headband. Do this step to all of your hair, from right to left.

After all hair is tucked for a while (better to leave it for a night), gently remove the headband from your head and you’ll see your hair is naturally curled.

Low Bun Waves

This next tip is for those of you who want wavy hair only at the bottom. First, part you hair in half using a comb. Second, start making small twists of your hair. The tighter you twist, the wavy your hair will be.

Combine all the little twists into a hair bun (or two) with hair ties or bobby pins, and leave it for at least 15 minutes. Lastly, untie your hair bun and all the little twists. Finally, use your fingers to comb your hair and there you go, you’ll have a natural wavy hair.

We hope you try those simple and natural tips to create your hair style at home. Don't forget to use Serasoft Serum Shampoo to wash your hair. Serasoft Serum Shampoo with DGA serum works 5x faster in nourishing hair than a regular shampoo. Serasoft will make your hair healthy, smooth, and easy to style!