5 Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy
04 November 2020

In this pandemic condition that makes you have to #stayathome obviously can stress you out. Especially for you who often going travelling or doing activities outside, #stayathome only can affect your mental health. Besides, at times like this, meeting your friends in person is also hard to do.

Well, even this condition might make you depressed, let's try to keep your mental health with these following ways:

1. Do physical activity

Yes, you have to do this even if you only #stayathome. Let's move actively and do physical activity, don't be a couch potato.

Why is it important? because according to research, besides making you sweat, physical activity such as light exercise will make your mood feel better and also relieve stress.

2. Eat Healthy Food

As long as you #stayathome, this is the right time for you to improve your diet to be better. You can start gradually and get in the habit of eating nutrient-rich foods to improve your immune system.

Let's try to eat more fruits, vegetables and high protein foods. Take advantage of #stayathome to make your own healthy and nutritious food. Besides it makes you be pennywise, you can also improve your cooking skills that you may not have explored so far.

3. Create your own fun routine

Tired of #stayathome? It’s really natural. But, don't let this make you stressed out and grumpy, girls!

In the other side, to maintain your mental health, you have to keep a positive routinity to keep you in a good mood. For example, like doing an old hobby that you haven't been working on so far. Or try a new hobby like knitting or caring for plants. Choose a routine that doesn't bore you. And of course it should make you happy.

4. Reducing social media use

Do you brave enough to reduce the usage of your social media? Let's start it slowly. Spending too much time on social media can harm your mental health. Especially if the whole day is spent looking at and comparing other people's lives on social media. Now and then let's take a break from social media and do something more useful that will make you mentally healthier.

5. Keep in touch with your best friends

In this pandemic condition, even though you can't meet people in person or make an appointment at your favorite cafe, you can still communicate with your friends online. Use the video call platform with your friends or genk to play or do fun activities at the same time.