Prevent COVID-19, Here’s 4 Tips for Cleaning Foods While at Home
16 July 2020

Since the first COVID-19 case in Indonesia, the establishment of physical distancing and work from home is increasingly being applied. Buying necessities such as equipment and food eventually become the main choice while staying at home. It is very important for Mama to be more aware of the transmission of this virus. But no need to worry, by cooking your own food at home and keeping it clean is a sure-fire away of safety precautions against COVID-19.

Reporting from DetikFood, quoting the statement of Donald Schaffner as a Food Expert and Prof. Emeritus Thomas Montville from Rutgers University, here are some appropriate ways to handle food to avoid the Corona virus. Reporting from DetikFood, quoting Donald Schaffner as Food Expert and Prof. Emeritus Thomas Montville of Rutgers University, here are some appropriate ways to protect food from Corona virus.

1. Clean & Process Food Correctly

Many people ask Donald Schaffner about the spread of OVID-19 through food. This is related to the alleged virus spread coming from an animal market in China, including the consumption of wild animals. Scaffner then explained that COVID-19 is not spread through food. Well, as long as Mama clean the food properly before consumed, then all the foods are safe to eat.

2. Wash Fruits and Vegetables with Mama Lime

Amanda Deering, a Nutritionist from Purdue University's Food Department, explains that washing hands and fruits and vegetables before meals can reduce the risk of infection due to COVID-19. Rely on MAMA Lime Anti Bacteria, a dish washing liquid with complete anti-bacterial content that also works to wash fruits and vegetables. With BIOGUARD formula, MAMA Lime Anti Bacteria effectively removes bacteria, germs and residual pesticides from fruits and vegetables by up to 99.9%.

3. Pay attention to the cleanliness of tableware

Prof. Montville also suggested that always pay attention to the cleanliness of the used tableware because germs can last a while on tableware. Therefore, you have to make sure all the cutleries are clean. Just dissolve a few drops of MAMA Lime as an ingredient in washing dishes, spoons, forks, and the like. Rinse the cutlery under running, clean water. The same way can also be done to clean fruits and vegetables!

4. Avoid Consumption of Raw Foods

Experts strongly recommend avoiding raw meat-based foods, such as sushi and steak tartare, when COVID-19 still run rife. According to Prof. Montville, besides being able to potentially transmit the coronavirus, these types of foods can also result in the body being contaminated from pathophenic bacteria such as e-coli, salmonella, and listeria. It is highly recommended for people to eat more cooked meat and cooked fish, or even better increased the consumption of fruits and veggies.

For Mama out there, stay alert and don’t worry too much. Stay focused on maintaining endurance by maintaining a healthy diet and daily hygiene. With Mama Lime, all are hygienic