Activities with Best Friends That Make the Skin #CantiknyaMerata
31 January 2022

It was only at the end of last year that the number of Covid-19 cases subsided, but now a new variant of Omnicron has appeared and the number of cases continues to increase every day. If I may give advice, according to Emeron Lovely, Loveliest should not dare to go to busy areas, out of town or abroad if there is no urgency that requires you to go.  However, once in a while, surely Loveliest still wants to get together and meet with friends or closest friends. So here, Emeron Lovely would like to give tips on fun activities for the Loveliest to do with friends that can be done at home. Eits, but you need to remember to stick to the procedure and don't forget to do antigen/PCR before gathering.

Indeed, the most exciting activity is getting together with friends, let alone doing fun things. For example, movie marathons, sleepovers, pajamas party, karaoke, culinary and many more. Healthy lifestyle is now popular in almost all circles, not only the old circles, now young people have started to be aware of this healthy lifestyle. Including the Loveliest right? So, to have the Loveliest gatherings to be more meaningful, you can add fun activities that have good benefits for our bodies. One of them is doing joint care to keep the body healthy and well-groomed. What treatments can be done with friends at home?

When holding a sleepover party, usually Loveliest doesn't sleep on time or always stays up late, right? Whether it's because of the movie marathon or just having a pretty chat with friends. Well, to replace those unhealthy activities, Loveliest can replace them with skincare activities together. Have you ever done it? No, you haven't, right, Loveliest? It's time for Loveliest and friends to give it a try, because it's time for us to keep our body and skin healthy, rather than staying up late which obviously damages the body and skin. Loveliest can do a whole series of skincare steps at the same time which is ended with a mask together. But remember, Loveliest, those who need skincare are not just facial skin, the whole skin that Loveliest has must be treated. Loveliest bodycare can be done at home only with Emeron Lovely Naturals which is good for the skin, making the skin more moist, nourished and looking healthier with naturals extracts to make Loveliest skin #EvenlyBeautiful.

Besides skin care, Loveliest can also exercise together to keep the body strong and healthy. Exercising is also very beneficial for skin health because it can remove dirt in the skin pores, improve circulation of oxygen in the blood which makes the skin brighter, relaxes the brain and body so as to prevent acne, increases collagen production in the skin, and finally prevents acne. premature aging. Loveliest can do yoga together, jog, ride a bicycle or even exercise online by watching the youtube channel or registering for an online class with friends at home. Reminder, if you want to exercise outdoors, remember to use Emeron Lovely Hand & body lotion that already has double sunscreen on it, Loveliest.

Lastly, what makes Loveliest #EvenlyBeautiful is a balanced diet and nutrition. In addition to drinking enough water, Loveliest must be aware of the daily food intake consumed by Loveliest. When gathering with friends, Loveliest can hold cooking activities together by cooking healthy foods. The recipe has been widely spread on the internet, so there is no reason not to cook your own food, Loveliest. Or if Loveliest is lazy and wants to spend more time chatting, Loveliest can just order via an online application because now there are quite a lot of restaurant choices with healthy food. 

Those are the tips from Emeron Lovely, taking care of skin is not easy if you want to always look healthy and bright, therefore Loveliest must be diligent in taking care of it from the outside and inside. For external care, Loveliest can fully trust the series of body care from Emeron Lovely. Stay safe, Loveliest!