4 Signs of Toxic Friendship You Need to Avoid
04 November 2020

Have you been feeling anxious and unhappy in your circle of friends, lately? Do you often feeling betrayed and lied to by your friends? And the worst is that you start to lose your confidence?

If the answer is yes, then you may be in a toxic friendship. Before you get trapped in unhealthy friendships, let's first look at what are the characteristics of toxic friends that you need to avoid.

They love to talk bad about other people

People who like to badmouth their friends to you, it shows that they will also talk badly about you behind your back. They might think that their image grows when they lower another person in someone’s eyes.

It is something if your friend talks about the other person out of genuine concern for your best interest. But if they are doing it for their own satisfaction, you should stay away from people like this. They think that their image grows when they lower another person in someone s eyes.

Remember, a good friend is someone who can encourage you to be a better person, not turning you into someone who see the bad things in people and gossiping about it.

They put you down

Toxic friends never compliment you, they’ll be in a bad mood because of jealousy or make everything into a competition. You start to realize that you’re no longer happy around them, because they don’t make you feel good about yourself. A good friendship should boost your happiness and improve your self-confidence and self-worth, not the opposite way.

You feel use

One of the signs of toxic friendship is you often feel used. Instead of being honest and caring about your happiness, a toxic friend will often manipulate and lie to you to get what he or she wants.

A lot of drama

In toxic friendship, apart from bad-mouthing other people, friends who have negative influences will also bring a lot of drama. Maybe they like to pit friends against each other or chaos seems to surround them, either they’re always arguing with someone or causing problems.

Those are some of the signs of toxic friendship that you better avoid. Let’s get out of negative environment and use your positive energy to socialize more, expand your network, and find more positive friends. Be selective on who you keep in your circle and choose your friends wisely!