Here’s The Guide to Rock Minimalist Fashion!
20 October 2020

Looking fashionable not necessarily you have to always wear colorful clothes with many accessories. With minimalist fashion style, the major principle is keep it simple! Do more with less items, this involves pairing down what you own. These are the tips and guides to rock minimalist fashion :

1. Wear neutral colors

Adopting neutral colors into the wardrobe has many benefits. It will simplify your dressing process because it’s easier to pair colors and you’ll have a wardrobe with greater longevity. Choose soft and neutral colors like white, off-white, nude, beige and other earth tone colors that’ll give clean and neat look. However, sometimes, you might feel bored sticking to a simple color palette. When this happens, you can pair neutral colored clothes with black, grey, charcoal or khaki to add contrast. If the concept of a neutral wardrobe is new to you, you can still add more personality to your outfit by adding some blue colors and classic prints such stripes.

2. Fashion Style

Besides those color choices, fashion style choices are also important. Minimalist fashion means wearing simple and not excessive clothing pieces. You can choose overalls, strap dresses, blazers, as well as oversized shirts combined with skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans, what a perfect match!

3. Accessories

Although it’s a minimalist fashion, the use of accessories is not prohibited. Actually, the right choice of accessories can add a sweet impression to your appearance. You can adjust the use of accessories to your daily mood. What you can do is add a touch of gold to your plain white tee, buckle up your simple dress, wear a cute handbag, and the right footwear that matches your outfit.

4. Makeup

Last but not least… match your makeup with your outfit. To complete your look, match your minimalist fashion style with simple yet sweet and elegant makeup. With minimalist makeup, only use products to enhance your features. No need for full coverage makeup, instead, work your way through your skin care routine. Choose color shades that matches your skin tone and avoid too many bright and neon colors.

Those are the tips that will help you achieve your minimalist fashion look. However, apart from looking good, you also need to smell good. When you rock that minimalist look, don't forget to use Posh Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Anti Stain which will make you smell great all day long and won't leave stubborn pit stains on your clothes. Stay active & be confident, let’s make your move, it’s now or never!