Dental Care Myths and Facts You Need to Know!
28 August 2020

Many people believe that white teeth indicate healthy teeth. Even some parents tell their children to never skip brushing your teeth because it’ll make teeth more white and healthier. Well, the fact is white teeth doesn’t always mean healthy teeth.

Some people also believe that thumb sucking will damage teeth. But for others, it’s just a myth. In fact, this is a dental care fact that remains unknown to many people.

What other dental myths and facts that you haven't known so far?

Dental care myths you should forget

Before we talk about dental facts, you need to know about popular dental myths that are still considered true by most people. Here are some of them!

• White teeth are healthy teeth

White teeth mean healthy teeth? No, this assumption is not true because the color of teeth is hereditary and can be influenced by age. Although it is true that tooth discoloration can occur due to tooth decay, it doesn’t always mean that people with non-white teeth don’t take care of their teeth.

• Have to brush your teeth after eating

You must have often heard that parents encourage their children to brush their teeth immediately after eating to get rid of bad breath. Some people also believe with this theory.

The truth it this is just a myth. Brushing your teeth immediately after eating can actually remove the enzymes released by the oral cavity to help the digestive process. In fact, it will also damage dental health.

• Brushing your teeth with hard bristle is more effective

This assumption is wrong. The factor that determines whether your teeth are clean or not is in the way you brushed your teeth, not the kind of bristles you use. All of the dentists also recommend brushing with soft bristles because they do less damage to your gum.

Dental care facts you should know

Now, what are the facts about dental care that you should know? These dental facts are sure going to change your mind.

• It is not good to gargle too much

Usually, most people will rinse their mouth and gargle immediately after brushing. Actually that is not the right thing to do. It’s better to use mouthwash than regular water to rinse your mouth. Rinsing your mouth immediately after brushing will wash away the remaining fluoride from your mouth. This will dilute and reduce the cleaning, protecting, and strengthening benefits of the toothpaste.

• The cause of bad breath is cavities

For those of you who often experience bad breath disorders, you may need to immediately check with the dentist. Your bad breath might be caused by cavities. With cavities, food particles can stick in your teeth, as well as plaque and tartar. That is what can cause bad breath.

• Oral and dental health determines the health of the body

Good oral and dental health affects the health of the whole body. An unhealthy mouth can lead to other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Even pregnant women who have gum problems are at risk of giving birth prematurely.

Now, with all of the information above, you can change your habits to improve your dental health and hygiene. Don't forget to always use Systema to keep your teeth and mouth healthy!